* By Christophe * 24 mars 2022

La Play-List du jeudi 31 Mars


1 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born in the USA Born in the USA
2 THE WHO Bargain Who’s Next
3 KNUCKLE HEAD The Right Way Holsters & Rituals
4 WAKAN TANKA Wolf River (EP)
5 IRIS Circles Microcosm (EP)
6 BLUES PILLS Kiss My Past Goodbye Holy Moly
7 LITTLE ODETTA Make Up Your Mind Little Odetta
8 JIM MURPLE MEMORIAL Ska’s Not Dead Stella Nova
9 MARCEL ET SON ORCHESTRE Skakaline Born to be Alive
10 GASOLINE Whisky and Sangria The Orange Album
11 SYNAPSE It’s only Cries Singularities
12 ERIC CLAPTON Five Long Years From The Craddle

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