* By Christophe * 10 mars 2022

Le programme de l’émission

1 JOHN LENNON Give Peace A chance Give Me Some Truth
2 RAMONES Sheena Is a Punk Rocker Rocket To Russia
3 GRETA VAN FLEET Caravel The Battle At Garden’s Gate
4 SCORPIONS Roots In My Boots Rock Believer
5 ERIC GALES Death Of Me Crown
6 STEVE VAI Avalancha Inviolate
7 GASPARD ROYANT The One You Need 10 Hits Wonder
8 CHARLOTTE LESLIE Les filles c’est fait pour faire l’amour Compilation Wizz French Psychorama
9 THE LIMINANAS Je ne suis pas très drogue Down Underground – LP’s 2009-2014
10 NEIL YOUNG Human Race Barn
11 LINDSAY BEAVER I Got Love If You Want It Tough As Love
12 GHALIA VOLT Loving Me is a Full Time Job On Woman Band
13 JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR Summertime Wild

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