Digital Faya #9.13

Quentin 29 janvier 2024


DIGITAL FAYA, 13ème émission.

Dans chaque épisode, on va se balader autour de la musique reggae digital / dancehall, essentiellement en Jamaïque entre le milieu des 80s et le milieu des 90s, à la découverte des riddims qui ont marqué cette musique.


La playlist de ce 13ème numéro :


01. Super Cat – Sweets For My Baby (SWEETS FOR MY SWEET)

02. Major Irie – Young and Reckless (SWEETS FOR MY SWEET)

03. Lady Patra – How Ever Do You Want Me (BACK TO LIFE)

04. Malibu – You Got Me Doing (BACK TO LIFE)

05. Marcia Griffiths & Buju Banton – Childish Games (SWING EASY)

06. Cobra – Poorman Shoe (SWING EASY)

07. Terry Ganzie – Play Apart (OPERATION ARDENT)

08. General Degree – People (OPERATION ARDENT)

09. Coco Tea, Home T & Shabba Ranks – Who She Love (WHO SHE LOVE)

10. Tiger – Boombastic (WHO SHE LOVE)

11. Admiral Bailey – Politician (I NEED YOU)

12. Lt.Stitchie – Wear Yuh Size (I NEED YOU)

13. Cocoa Tea & Johnny P – Come Love Me (NICE GIRLS)

14. Tuffest – Girls Dem Nice (NICE GIRLS)

15. Peter Metro – Six Month Break (SIX MONTH BREAK)

16. Superman And Spider Man – Tear It Down (SIX MONTH BREAK)


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