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Rock’N’Roll #1.5

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ArtisteTitreAlbumVersion originale
Iron Maiden My Generation CD Single Lord Of The Flies The Who
Lemmy Killmister Back In USSR Butchering The Beatles The Beatles
Marylin Manson Sweet Dreams Mechanical Animals Eurythmics
Metallica Stone Cold Crazy Live Shit : Binge & Purge Queen
Paul Mc Cartney All Shook Up Run Devil Run Elvis Presely
John Lennon Be Bop A lula Rock’N’Roll Gene Vincent
Oasis Cum’ On Feel The Noise (What’s the Story) Morning Glory ? Slade
Wampas Ne dis aux copains Never Trust A Live France Gall
Grim Skunk Machine Gun Mano Negra Illegal Mano Negra
Opiumettes du peuple Les nuits d’une demoiselle Maxi 4 titres Opiumettes du peuple Colette Renard
Placebo Daddy Cool Sleeping with Ghost Boney M
Etta James Purple Rain All The Way Prince
The Forest Rangers Bohemian Rhapsody Songs Of Anarchy Vol.4 Queen
Led Zeppelin Baby Please don’t go Rock n Roll hall of fame Big Joe Williams
  • Rock’N’Roll #1.05